Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sign up by December 30 if you want to be a Moon Jogger!

Currently we have 600 crew members for Moon Joggers and expect an incredible journey up to space this year! Walking on the moon is going to be awesome!  If you are interested in joining up, please do.  We will be closing registration on December 30 so that we can be prepared for TAKE OFF on January 1, 2013, when our journey to the moon begins.  Join our crew, which has members from 28 countries around the world - each of us united to do one thing: walk, jog and run to the moon (we'll crawl if we have to!).  Watch the video on the post below to learn more about Moon Joggers and get your spot today!  We don't care what your fitness level is: all we ask is that you make the commitment and stick to it! We are all here to motivate, inspire and pull each other along. This is not a journey you'll be taking alone --- we are a TEAM and we'll only get there as a TEAM!  Be a part of our team NOW!

Register HERE!

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